The Big Day (pt 2)

The KissThe ceremony is over, and Steve and Steff are officially married.

It was in a very hot registry office in Bolton where family and friends met together to witness the knot tying ceremony, Steff looked radiant in her wedding gown, and Steve was the epitome of dapper. The three bridesmaid contrasted with Steffs ivory gown with luxurious red wine gowns of their own. The red and white theme was borne out in the floral decorations and bouquets also.

As no-one was able to come up with a just cause or impediment, the wedding flowed through the vows, giving of rings and signing of the register.

Are you sure we're going the right way?Map reading is, of course, the one thing that is guaranteed to cause disruption in any relationship: Steve and Steff got in a little practice finding their way to the Wedding Breakfast.

Sending all the guests on ahead gave them their first goal of the marriage: to arrive before Geoff found the food; thankfully they did so, arriving to a rapturous applause and looking not in the least perplexed after their long and arduous journey from the registry office. Let’s hope that they can arrive at Robin Hood’s Bay in such a relaxed state in a fortnights time.

Watch the blog for news of their journey; they start off from St Bees on Monday.