...and on to 2010

Well it all started with a walk………..

A sunny day on High Street And as you know not just any old walk, we did invite you along for our honeymoon (even if it was only virtually)!
Having met over 15 years ago and fallen in love with not just each other but with the great outdoors and more importantly distance walking too, it seemed only fitting that we should celebrate our union by doing a walk for our honeymoon. Not just a walk in the park at that, it had to be something fun and a wee bit challenging. What better way to start our new lives together than completing the 200 miles of Wainwright’s Coast to Coast route from St Bees Head on the coast of Cumbria, to Robin Hood’s Bay on the Yorkshire coast. We could even boast that it also involved climbing the equivalent of 10,000 metres (that’s higher than Everest) in less than a fortnight – wow. To add to the challenge, we decided to write a blog of the fun and frolics on the route and send it back via a smart phone – (If you want to read more about our exploits on this journey take a look further down our blog). Don’t ahh & ooh too much though it was a 200 mile pub crawl after all!!!

However, we can be forgiven a wee bit – we did raise over £4600 for our two chosen charities; Christie Hospital and Bolton Women’s Aid so that’s good eh?.
Did we stop there I hear you ask, don’t be daft of course we didn’t. We have been lucky enough to get out end enjoy many, many more walks (even after a pretty fraught 18 months). These have included the Pendle Bowland challenge for last years 1st anniversary and are about to set out on the West Highland Way. At only 95 miles, in a week it should be a nice stroll – oh and it goes near to Ste’s favourite Whisky Distillery (at Glengoyne), I wondered why he was so keen on this walk!! Thanks here must definitely go to Dougie at Make Tracks , he really pulled out all the stops to get us into overnight stays along the route even though (as those of you who know us will agree) we were on the last minute yet again in organising the trip -.
And now for the begging/serious bit – Although we are not actively seeking sponsorship this time around, so no threats of “give us your money or else we send the boys round” – we would like to do a little something. So should any of you, our blog readers, ‘enjoy’ our radom riley ramblings (we promise no more offside rules on Mornington pheasant), if you would like to give a little something to St Anne’s Hospice, Greater Manchester then please take a look at the link.

Many of our more stalwart blog followers will be aware that following on from my Mum’s Cancer treatment at the Christie Hospital Manchester, we have come into contact with so many people who are affected by Cancer (relatives and sufferers alike) and for many of those people the only hope on offer is the respite provided by Special places such as St Anne’s Hospice, so do give a little something if you can – oh & keep on sending us your comments please.

Luv Ste & Steffi


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