Kirkby Lonsdale

Just inside the border of Cumbria from Lancashire, Kirkby Lonsdale is a most beautiful place to visit. If you want pot holes, it’s spelunking heaven.
It’s also a very popular place for bikers to visit. It’s always a very colorful, shiny and noisy collection; and that’s just the bikers. The 998 FireNinja’s are fabulous things to look at and I’m quite sure they are utterly brilliant to ride. Not wanting to be the next kidney donor we drove past them towards Casterton, to park for free.
There are plenty of very clear footpaths around the area, so navigation is an absolute doddle. The only difficulty is in choosing the direction to walk. Do you walk through incredible scenery, or would you prefer incredible scenery?
Needless to say, we chose incredible scenery. We decided to work our way around Barbon Low Fell, past Bullpot farm with a very clearly advertised Emergency Telephone, through Leck and down as far as Overtown before heading back to the car – around 13 miles.

Soon after we started up the hill towards the tops, we spotted an enormous bird sat on the end of a wall. It was shouting it’s head off at something. I’m not very good at bird spotting, so if there are any budding Bill Oddies/Kate Humbles (delete as applicable) reading this, it was obviously a bird of prey with wide blunt wings and a whistle that goes peeeeoooooooooooo.

The only people we saw the whole time were stood chatting outside the Bullpot farm. The reason for the ‘phone is quite obvious; at the side of it is a chalk board with the names of some of the pot holes. It must be very well visited as a couple of names of parties were still written up. Rather them than me. The two blokes were both as skinny as rakes. I think I would love to go down one of these holes, but my rotund self would probably get stuck trying to get out again.
Steffi reading a map!
Just around here Steff took over navigating! This doesn’t happen very often, though I do try to encourage it. I generally get the blame for getting us lost. Unfortunately, I was unable to get my own back.
Ease Gill
As we got towards a dried up river valley called Ease Gill, the path split. I obviously said “Go that way”, so we did and it was the wrong one. Steff, of course, wanted the other way, so after we found the partly hidden step-ladder style in the bottom right hand corner of the field, we were back on our way. I’m sure the stream would have been bursting during the winter, but today it was completely bone-dry. It also took sharp-eyed Steffers to spot the footpath going it’s way up the other side of the valley.
From here we followed Leck Beck. I am sure that with time I could come up with a limerick to celebrate this river, but for now, I’ll leave it up to you. We went through the lovely village of Leck (didn’t expect that name did you?) and over the A65 towards Overtown.
Turning right at Overtown, takes you back up to a large pub at the side of the A65. Parked outside were 8 or a dozen Ford Model Ts. If anyone else is car geeky enough, they know that the Model T is celebrating it’s centenary this year.
From here it was back up to High Casterton and the car, followed by a customary pint in a pub. Then home for a shower – phew what a scorcher.

- Steve.


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