Day 13 The Finalé

Steve and Steff with the North Sea behind them

Sea 2 Sea.

We have very mixed feelings about the last day. My feet are very relieved it is over. The rest of me would like to do a lap of honour.

Because of the haze we couldn’t see the sea until half 11 on the last day. Others are unfortunate enough to be taunted by it for 3 days. But what a feeling of elation when we did see it! However, old Wainwright wouldn’t make it so easy. We had to endure a hard but worthwhile detour which ensured we saw beautiful sights like Littlebeck and the Falling Foss before emerging once again to the sight of Whitby Abbey and the meandering coastal path which we followed to our final destination — the busy seaside town of Robin Hood’s Bay.

We paddled in the North Sea then deposited our pebbles. Then the best bit…
The most welcome pint of beer in the Bay Hotel where we signed the book, got our certificates and were surprised to be met by mum, dad, bruv and his wife.

We can’t thank everybody enough for your support. Your messages of goodwill kept our poor feet pounding and kept our spirits higher than some of the mountains we climbed.

Major thanks must go to Simon and Lindsay at Packhorse. The service was exemplary. The accommodation was fantastic.

Geoff, without you setting up the website and publishing our blogs we couldn’t have kept in touch with everyone and received all the lovely comments that kept us going. You are an absolute star.

A big shout out must go to all our hosts across the route. The welcome and accommodation was completely lovely. We are so grateful for you looking after us so well.

To the people we have met on our wanderings; you have all been so kind and supportive. We will miss you all. Especially nice, was meeting up with Ann, Chris and Mark at the end of the walk. It was a real treat.

A final thanks to AW. It might be a bit late, but it was a hell of a walk and a brilliant honeymoon.

— Steve and Steff x

PS. I suspect this won’t be our last blog…to be continued.


  1. Congratulation we are all very proud of you both and I have to say I’m jealous of the achievement you have done the feeling you must have had walking down the steep little hill into Robin Hoods bay must have been great.
    How fantastic that your family where there to meet you and take the pic of your triumphant march to the North Sea

    A very big hand has to be given to Geoff for the up keep of this web site he’s done a fantastic job for you and its a real credit to him.

    look forward to seeing you both and you can bore me to death with tails of sheep Heather, Rape seed and Cows etc :)
    hope you have some slides to show us as well lol.
    Andy, Julie & Lucy.

    — Andy Openshaw (OPY) · May 26, 12:05 am · #

  2. A massive well done to both of you. I will so miss my daily update on your blog each day. I am so pleased that your bodies and weather supported you well on your long journey! Will this be a annual anniversary event? Musnt leave it so long for our next gathering. Take care and love to you all xx

    — Helen Dorsett · May 27, 08:59 am · #

  3. Great blogs and editing.
    Didn’t know there were literary genii in the family.
    Congratulations to all.

    Mum and Dad

    — Harry the Dad · May 27, 10:13 am · #

  4. Hi Both. A late entry from me cos I’ve been on holiday. I have just experienced your walk backwards! What a fantastic achievement. I hope that you have both now recovered from your long trek and that your poor feet and legs are back to relative normalality, (does that make sense?!). You are a very special couple and I send you lots of love and best wishes for your continued happiness. xxx

    — Jackie McLaughlin · May 28, 05:50 pm · #

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