Day 13 : Glaisdale to Robin Hood's Bay

No news yet….

…or we’ve not got home; the plan is to greet the happy couple as they arrive at Robin Hood’s Bay, so we might not get home before midnight.

— Geoff & Carole

We’ve got in, it’s 1:30am… they did it, they arrived in Robin Hood’s Bay at about 5:20pm……… and this can wait.

Congratulations Steve and Steff: you’re the champions!

— Geoff & Carole


  1. It was great to see you arrive at Robin Hood’s Bay and dip your boots in the North Sea.
    Many congratulations to you both.

    — Harry the Dad · May 25, 12:01 pm · #

  2. Well done the both of you!

    — Charles C Heap · May 26, 10:34 am · #

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