Day 12: Clay Bank Top to Glaisdale

Steff on a long unwinding road


Started with a gentle but steady climb from Clay Bank back up to the moors. Stunning scenery and views which eventually gave way to a crossroads called the Bloworth Crossing. Good old Beeching eh, if it hadn’t been for him we might have been mowed down by a passing steam locomotive. However, all that remains is an undulating gravel track and sleepers every now and then.

The first highlight of the day was climbing up to the Lion Inn at Blakey. Built approx 1557. Where a much needed coffee was enjoyed by yours truly plus spouse. There followed what seemed like boring miles to some, but absolutely beautiful moorland along long steady tracks. Lots of ground nesting birds like Curlews and chess playing Grouse (if you want an explanation ask in the comments :-) ).

Just had a lovely meal in the local pub where the monthly entertainment was about to start — a fancy dress disco. Left early, leaving the moustachioed local Mexican impersonators in peace.

Wandered back with the bottle of wine to yet another delightful B+B where Steff is massaging my sore feet again, again, again. It must be love.

Unfortunately, tomorrow is our last day. I have mixed feelings. My feet are killing me and are happy to finish, but the rest of me has enjoyed it so much I dont want it to end.

Last blog tomorrow.

Ow! Steff is killing me!

— Steve


  1. Oh go on then. What’s a chess playing grouse. You’ve got black ones and red ones and white to move first of which there ain’t. Stalemate before you start!!!

    Good luck to you both on the last leg of your Treck – no pun intended.

    — Harry the Dad · May 24, 09:06 am · #

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