A massive thank you!

Mock-up album cover of 'The Lightning Seeds' Life of Riley CollectionWe had a fantastic day yesterday. Everyone was very polite and laughed in the right places during my speech. Andy, my Best Man, was completely brilliant.
Geoff’s additions to the web site sums the mood of the day up perfectly – very light hearted and full of cheer.

The band, Jeriatric Jazz, performed superbly with lots of dancing, cheering and general messing about. Thank you so much to Fred and the rest. The DJ pitched the music exactly right, strangely playing “The Life Of Riley”. Not sure why. Thanks Dave ;-) Mr Jones – where did you learn to dance like that? It kept us all very entertained.

Our hearts go out to Ann and Steve. Ann fell during the evening and has broken her hip. We wish her a very speedy recovery.

Steffi has just done a quick add-up of the donations. We are up to an incredible £3600! Truly amazing.

Thank you.

We set off walking tomorrow, so expect another blog update as soon as I get a mobile signal.

— Steve and Steffi


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