What's the big idea?

Steve and Steff on a rehearsalSteve and Steffi invite you along for our honeymoon. Not literally. Don’t be daft.

We are walking Alfred Wainwright’s route from St Bees Head on the coast of Cumbria, to Robin Hood’s Bay on the Yorkshire coast. Depending on how often I get us lost, we will be walking around 195 miles and climbing the equivalent of 10,000 metres (that’s higher than Everest) in less than a fortnight.

In the process, we would like to raise money for our chosen charities; Christie Hospital and Bolton Women’s Aid.

In one way or another, most people have been affected by cancer. Christie Hospital offers treatment and help to patients and their families from all over the country.

Bolton Women’s Aid are in the process of opening a new secure house for victims of abuse. The help they give offers emergency accommodation and support services for women and children fleeing the devastating effects of domestic violence.


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